Quality Italian Designer Products

Massimo Trulli

The  "LUXURY" Collection signed Massimo Trulli, offers  exclusive, unique, high quality leather bags with handmadework, 100% made in Italy, highly distinctive and original, Unique Pieces and Limited Edition (only 999 pieces for all the world ).
Each bag is Certified and Signed by the artist.

MT by Massimo Trulli

MT by Massimo Trulli – is the second line of the brand that offers – bags, shoes and small leather goods realized with excellent eco leather with leather trim. A fresh and dynamic Collection, with high-impact and unique style.
The models are fashion, stylish and practical, designed for a young customers, but refined – a little bit Lolita and a little bit Diva.

Giorgio Gucci

Giorgio Gucci has the passion for fashion in his blood. He re-engaged with the world of luxury in 2000 by founding Giorgio G. In order to produce high quality handmade products in keeping with his family’s history and tradition in leather goods, he initially acquired a workshop in Florence.

Today, Giorgio G produces handbags and accessories of the highest quality. Each piece is designed and crafted with the utmost care. All the materials are expertly manufactured, combining traditional artisan skills with innovative technologies where these achieve greater precision and a cleaner finish per piece.

Giorgio G offers products at the height of fashion that combine dedication to quality with Italian style. Every Giorgio G is rigorously handmade in Italy, drawing on traditions that reach back generations and centuries.


In the latest years of ‘800 Felice Bojola started his own leather production and opened two shops in Tuscany, one in Viareggio on the famous walk along the seaside and the other one in the very historical centre of Florence, nearby the San Giovanni Duomo.

In the year 1906 the current headquarters of Bojola’s firm was inaugurated. During these 100 years of activity, our style and quality typical from the manual artisanal have been maintained equally well known worldwide. In the ‘60s, when the Italian fashion was still focused on very classical models done with varnished leather, Bojola started to use natural leather and cotton, contributing to the raise of a new casual style. Bojola is now at its fourth generation.since the ‘80s.

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