Good taste. Elegance.
Authentic Italian style and charm.

Where two of the world’s most passionate artistic media, Fashion and Food, connect you to the World of fine Italian Wines.

Italian Fashion

Multi-brand, quality Italian leather bags, shoes, accessories and furniture.

Gourmet Restaurant

Choose from a global cuisine selection that will make you crave for more.

Italian Wine

An array of authentic Italian wine that goes well with your lifestyle.

What we have

Multi-Brand. Designer Items.

Leather Handbags, Leather Accessories and Furniture

iPhor Trading Inc. (iPhor) is a company specializing in importing premium quality products from Italy among which luxury leather goods, fashion leather handbags and leather accessories - the latest fashionable Italian designs. iPhor’s collections are always in line with the latest fashion trends, the leather handbags of different designers imported by iPhor are synonymous of high quality and good taste.
iPhor import also original and classy Italian furniture – chairs, armchairs, sofas, benches, stools, tables, lamps — that are made of valuable wood and excellent leather of great visual and emotional impact.

Fashion Boutique

Massimo Trulli

The  "LUXURY" Collection signed Massimo Trulli, offers  exclusive, unique, high quality leather bags with handmadework, 100% made in Italy, highly distinctive and original, Unique Pieces and Limited Edition (only 999 pieces for all the world ).
Each bag is Certified and Signed by the artist.

MT by Massimo Trulli

MT by Massimo Trulli – is the second line of the brand that offers – bags, shoes and small leather goods realized with excellent eco leather with leather trim. A fresh and dynamic Collection, with high-impact and unique style.
The models are fashion, stylish and practical, designed for a young customers, but refined – a little bit Lolita and a little bit Diva.

Furniture Showroom

Massimo Trulli Home

Totally in line with his artistic and fashion vocation, in 2013 the artist gives life to a new project, original and ambitious, his passion that he always cultivated and finally realized – the creation of the First Extraordinary Artistic Furniture Collection.

Rejecting monotony and defying the current proposals (commercial furniture solutions, bulk objects, equal and inexpressive) MASSIMO TRULLI HOME® offers furniture that represents a desire, a touch of originality, elegance and glamour that only Unique Pieces and Artistic Products can give.

Artistic Timeless furniture!

The Restaurant

MASSIMO TRULLI® gourmet restaurant, a unique place where guests will be treated to the modern comfort of Massimo Trulli’s home pieces when they dine at the restaurant. Apart from experiencing the brand’s exquisitely designed chairs in wood and leather, patrons are also treated to a menu that offers a unique line-up of gastronomic choices like French specialties, Spanish Tapas and other Mediterranean Food.

Wine Bar & Cellar

Wine BarFor the wine lovers and those who want to start correctly their wine journey, Italian fine wines are served at the Wine Bar starting from 200 a glass. The Wine Cellar holds Italian high-end wines from 6,800 to 80,000 per bottle.

Deli & Store

Gourmet products like regional Italian cheeses and prosciutto are available at the Deli. Visit us soon.